St Eval
Packaging design for St. Eval, a Cornish brand specialised in the production of handcrafted scented candles. This limited edition set is inspired by the themes of Love, Hope and Freedom, representing a collaboration with Unseen charity.
For every candle sold from this special collection, £1 was donated to @unseenuk and their inspiring work to eradicate modern slavery and support those whose lives are affected.⁠
I did this project for a competition launched by St Eval, open to Falmouth University students.
It was an absolute honour to be awarded the first prize and to see my work contributing to such a noble cause.

All illustrations for this project are painted with gouache.
This Love candle is filled with the soothing herbal aroma of our most loved Bay & Rosemary fragrance.⁠ My artwork is evocative of the caring and patient aspects of love, featuring pretty heart-shaped flowers blooming under the care of two loving hands.⁠
This Hope candle is filled with Bergamot & Nettle; an invigorating and uplifting blend of fresh garden herbs with a hint of spice.⁠ ⁠My illustration shows the nettles growing in the adversity of a desert. From the plant blooms a white flower that has the shape of a hand reaching up, towards the sun, asking for help; the first step of a long path towards real change.⁠
⁠⁠This Freedom candle is filled with the unique ozonic and citrus scent of Sea Salt, reminiscent of a fresh ocean breeze. My  illustration evokes the feeling of freedom with the imagery of rolling waves and sea salt below a pair of birds taking flight.
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