I am Francesca, an Italian illustrator and mural artist based across Bergamo, Italy and Madrid, Spain.

My visual language is ethereal, metaphorical, and partially abstract. It is infused with natural elements, symbols and characters influenced by different cultures' art, folklore, and mythology.

I enjoy projects that explore the relationship between the human being and nature, animals, the universe and all its metaphysical concepts from a psycho-spiritual perspective. 
My artwork is made using traditional media - mainly gouache, watercolor and pencils - which I use to convey emotions and meaning through the expressive use of colour.

I am constantly on a quest for projects with a positive impact on people's mental and physical health, lifestyle and self knowledge. So far I have worked on editorials, packaging, book covers and hand painted murals, but I am eager to expand my practice and experience working in different creative areas I didn't try before.
Creative Process
I start on paper, with rough sketches. Then I take pictures of them and I create a crisp and precise outline on my IPad.
From here I trace it on paper and I color it using gouache, watercolors or pencils. Often I enjoy doing a tonal study, working on the textures first and using Photoshop to bring the colors into the artwork at the end of the process. Painting for me is a spiritual practice, because it feels like meditation. Nothing makes me reach such a state of inner peace as easily as painting does.

Sources of inspiration
The symbolic nature of my work is influenced by Hindu and Tibetan Buddhism paintings. If I had to name three main sources of inspiration, they would be Kandinsky and Hilma Klint for abstraction and colour, classical painting masters for composition, and my own meditations and personal challenges for the themes. Animals and nature documentaries fuel a lot of my fascination for color and organic shapes, too.

Agency work
Alongside my freelance work, I am an in-house illustrator at Pernice Comunicazione - a dynamic and inspiring communication agency, where I collaborate with graphic designers, video makers and writers to create promotional material for a broad range of companies.
Murals and community work
I am also a traveling artist who believes that art can bring people together to generate powerful positive change.
My passion for wall painting gave me the opportunity to work with inspiring people with my same vision and put my art in the service of good causes, working on large scale artwork that gives a voice to local communities and brings awareness about respecting animals, nature and the planet. I am open to travel worldwide for these incredible projects!

BA (Hons) Illustration - 1st class degree holder, Falmouth University.

Thank you for stopping by to get to know a bit more about me and my work. If you'd like to collaborate with me on future projects, please get in touch!  francille.hello@gmail.com


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