Science & Spirituality

Editorial illustration for Resurgence & Ecologist article arguing that science and spirituality should not be segregated, but coexisting systems seeking an ever evolving truth. Encouraging to consider the positive aspects of a collaboration between men of facts and men of faith, the article opens a conversation about the need to look at the world with both scientific and spiritual approaches in order to achieve impactful positive changes in regards to the planet and humankind.

In my illustration I decided to personify science and spirituality with two giant hands belonging to the same body. On the left, the hand of science, measuring the planet rationally and precisely with a compass, whereas on the right, the hand of spirituality, inspired by Tibetan Buddhist paintings, holding a lotus flower observing the world with compassion and spiritual wisdom.

This painting was made in mototone watercolour on hand-pressed cotton paper and recoloured digitally.
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