Myths of Light

In this book the master mythologist Joseph Campbell explores the intersections in apparently very different cultures and traditions, finding unifying symbols and metaphors in mythological narratives and art pieces, opening a conversation on the main principles that underlie all the great religions of India and East Asia, from Jainism and Hinduism to Buddhism and Taoism.

In my illustration I decided to portray a recurring symbol of Indian sacred paintings, mentioned in the book. The image shows Garuda, a mythological bird, pouncing on his prey, a long evil serpent with red eyes. From the animal’s head blooms a flower and a snake of light is set free, rising towards the sun. This symbol represents a conscious effort to eliminate our negative instincts and the promise that the active renunciation of evil leaves space in the soul for virtue to bloom and for progress on our spiritual path.
This illustration is done using gouache paint.
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