Dear Diary

Spot illustration for Life Time magazine about the mental health benefits of writing a journal in order to process emotions, slow down recurring thoughts and have clearer goals.
My illustration is inspired by surrealism and shows a composition of symbolic elements. Behind a closed door there is fire, symbolising worries and repressed emotions from the past, that the pen is scribbling out trying to put them onto paper. The writer is looking up a set of steep stairs that from the darkness lead towards a window with a guiding star for them to follow. The window gives access to the sunlight, where the character’s dreams and happiness float, represented by the kite and the colourful shapes around it.  Even if the way to the goals is steep, the effort of climbing them is rewarded by a beautiful tree and a flower blooming on the way out of the darkness. This symbolises that the path towards inner peace is hard but full of beautiful lessons, encounters and opportunities along the way.
This illustration is done using gouache paint.
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